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À propos de moi

Une artiste de voix off américaine à Paris.
Je propose une voix claire en anglais avec un accent américain neutre ou accent international.
Ma voix convient aux projets cherchant un style calme, velouté, doux ou méditatif.
J’ai pu prêter ma voix à divers projets notamment la publicité, le spoken word sur de la musique, la narration et l’e-learning.

Echo Eklund - Voix-off américaine

Originally from the United States, I am based in the Parisian region, having now lived in France for the last two decades. Throughout my growing up, I was always interested in performing from singing to stage-improv. As an English speaker in France, my work as a professional translator led me to discover my passion for professional voiceover work. Finding my niche as an American-accented voice artist with a sound I would describe as calm, assured and smooth, I’ve had the pleasure of working on corporate narration videos, advertisements, motion design, meditation music, and more. Encouraged by the opportunities to work with high-profile brands, I am keen to expand my voiceover ventures into character-oriented voice work, such as animation and video games, which I believe my voice profile would be perfectly suited for. Perfectly bilingual in English and French, I am also able to provide English-accented French speech.

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Me Contacter

AFB Agency (Paris, FRANCE)
 Yann Levasseur | yann@afb.paris